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Looking for a wedding on a budget?

Everyone is looking for that premium experience to make their special day the best it can possibly be just without the associated price tag. That’s why this month we decided to introduce you to one of our partners, Self Styled Events!

Self Styled Events helps to provide a magical wedding without breaking the bank. Rather than a full service, they offer a DIY approach to the situation. Simply explain what you are looking for and if they have it, you can come pick everything up and then simply dress it all up yourself.

SelfStyled Events wedding decor DIY Blue

Self Styled Events allows anyone to have a dream wedding at an affordable cost by hiring items and dressing the venue yourself.

We always recommend paying a bit more for the full experience but if you’re comfortable putting everything together yourself, Self Styled Events is a great way to have a wedding for those of us who are struggling to afford the full experience.

SelfStyled Events wedding decor DIY colourful

At the end of the day, regardless of how you decide to organise your wedding, we want the experience to be magical.

Self Styled Events and Vibrations Roadshow are both committed to offering a great wedding at an affordable price.

Feel free to ask us more about what we can offer on the big day below in our comments section. We are also looking for more ideas on what you would like to see from this monthly blog so please feel free to leave anything you like below.

Finally, please visit our partner’s Facebook page here and check them out. We will be back next month with more content.

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